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Vecto has revolutionized international communications. In the past, a SIM card only had one phone number assigned to it using something called an IMSI. We have developed a technology that allows for multiple IMSIs on a single SIM card. That means that you can finally have two or more numbers on a single phone without any additional SIMs or applications. Not only that, you can have two or more numbers from different countries! You can send and receive text messages nationally and internationally without any additional fees. Calling Mexico is as easy as calling next door. You can expect exceptional call quality without any hassles or interruptions.

We know that staying in touch is more important than ever, and, with Vecto, it’s easier than ever! Place and receive calls at local rates. Text across the border or across town. Surf the web...all with Vecto.

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Getting started with the Vecto service is easy!

Vecto offers you the ability to have multiple phone numbers on a single SIM card, enabling international and local calls and texts while still allowing you to surf the web. There are no contracts, no credit checks: just great service at local rates!

To get started:

  • Buy a Vecto SIM card. Order online or find your nearest retail location.
  • Bring a copy of your ID if you would like to obtain a Mexican number
  • Have an UNLOCKED GSM handset
  • Choose your plan
  • Insert the SIM card in to your phone
  • Join the communications revolution!
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