Home is everywhere.

At Vecto Mobile, we understand like no other mobile service, how you miss your family and friends back home.

Vecto has revolutionized international communications. In the past, a SIM card only had one phone number. We have developed a technology that allows for multiple IMSIs on a single SIM card. That means that you can finally have two or more numbers on a single phone without any additional SIMs or applications. Not only that, you can have two or more numbers from different countries! You can send and receive text messages nationally and internationally without any additional fees. Calling Mexico is as easy as calling next door. You can expect exceptional call quality without any hassles or interruptions.

Why Vecto See how it works

Activate your Vecto card today!

Create a bridge between your world and your friends and family back home.

  • Buy a Vecto Mobile card at your nearest convenience store.
  • Get your GSM unlocked phone.
  • Insert your SIM card in to your phone, let it connect to the network and you’re SET.
  • Call 1-800-92 VECTO (1-800-92-83286) to communicate with one of our Customer Service Representatives.
  • Begin to be part of an infinity of possibilities.

You can register your account online by going to My Account page, so you can access call details, pay your bill online and add more international phone numbers from other countries, at local rates.

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